The Power of Words in Creating Leadership Presence.

The Ocean of Trainers and Facilitators are a brimming red, especially when we sift through folios of trainers working in leadership.  And I, would have never in my lifetime ever imagined to embark on the path of facilitation and coaching for leaders.

Yet, the Almighty has designed a path so focused and so niche, that I was able to reframe and re-channel my mastery in words and editorial, to crafting a new model of leadership through the power of words.

In August 11, 2022, I stepped into a a privilege to support the Razak School of Government with Ainsight, in support of  JUSA C officials at Zenith Putrajaya.  There I replenished my believe that experience trumps ideologies and systems created by others…though good references, the truth of the master often best prevails when spoken with authenticity.

Remarkable discourse and insights, inspired and rekindled my faith in Malaysia and its Leadership and it made me even more sure that I have undertaken what is most outrageously uncomfortable for writers, but have beautifully weaved into my life work, by merely asking – “What’s Your Word Worth?”

In leadership, choices of words truly reflect the essence of our BEING.  Others observe and then they choose or decline your leadership.  Wouldn’t you want to know what your words are?

Who are you and what are you a stand for?  Do you show up in your truth or do you hide in other’s expectations?  Whose integrity do you subscribe to?

Which leadership is you?



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