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Passionate in creating outstanding conscious reality, and an advocate in making transformation sustainable, Fu-en is favored with more than 20years of coaching experience. As the Pioneer of Rapid Transformation Therapist in Asia Pacific back in 2016, she is blessed with international clients from 15 countries over 4 continents – helping clients to permanently fix their mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

Fu-en holds a Bachelor of Commerce & Management (Accounting) and started her humble beginning managing accounts. Her excellent performance in creating outstanding results within a short time frame brought greater heights in her career as the Managing Director challenged her to take on a male-dominant industry – managing shopping malls.

The new journey led Fu-en to her stardom when she earned herself as the National Youngest Female Certified Centre Manager from 2009 to 2013 while running neighborhood mall with a retail area lesser than 150,000sq ft to super-regional malls of over 1million sq ft. She is also the only Malaysian to date, to have received this honorary John T.Riordan Professional Education Scholarship from the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) due to her impeccable performance in delivering consistent outstanding performances through forging a positively engaged team.

Behind her success and high-flying achievements, no one knew Fu-en was battling severe depression, suicide attempts, and chronic auto-immune disease SLE. In her darkest moment of isolating herself in a completely foreign place in London to end her own life, she was blessed to have met and saved by the mentor who gave her a renewed health, a new mindset, and a whole new world of wonders on how to rewrite her life. She never looked back then.

Creator of six (6) signature programs, Fu-en began transforming individuals and corporate leaders to inject excitement, energy, and enthusiasm into their lives using her proven, powerful hybrid neuroscience framework. She has been featured in various domestic and international media including :
•US Podcase ASIAN Women in Power
•Channel W
•BFM 89.9
•Utusan Malaysia
•Harian Metro
•China Press
•SME Magazine

She currently serves as VP-Membership of MAPS after completed a term as the Honorary Treasurer. Fu-en has also been sought as STEVIE AWARDS for Women in Business Judging Committee since 2018 till to date. All her works are covered with International Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Testimonials :
“It’s so rare, if not impossible, to find a high professional who has mastered both the art of life coaching and the art of hypnotherapy! The combination of both gave me lasting changes that I truly crave and deserve! This combo is fast and effective, saved me hundreds of hours and a ton of money at a convenient therapist, who is not trained with these cutting edge and exceptional methodologies.” – Dr Elena Pezzini, Best Selling Author, Certified Business Coach

“I know her very well because she spoke together with me in South Africa to 1800 people. It is rated as 1 of the top 3 best speeches and her strategies to start the first business to grow a business are bolted on, but more importantly, she gives you the accountability and the mindset. And that’s what people don’t understand – your mind is stronger than your excuses. Your business cannot afford not to talk to Angeline and I do business all over the world and she’s the person that you need to contact. Your business will thank me once you talk to Angeline because it will never be the same.” – JT Foxx, World #1 Wealth Coach

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