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The Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) is an association for anyone involved locally or globally in the world of speaking professionally. Whether you get paid to speak at conferences, or run workshops or if you are employed by a company and presenting is a significant part of your job. Putting it another way, MAPS is a professional association for speakers (professional sales and technical presenters, trainers, facilitators, coaches, consultants, adult educators and keynoters) who are committed to building a better future for the professional speaking business in Malaysia and globally. MAPS define professional speaking to describe any professional who is a subject matter expert and uses their vocal ability to educate and motivate audiences. Professionalism is demonstrated through

  1. Following an Ethical code of conduct,
  2. Earning capacity
  3. Academic, and/or vocational or/and professional certifications and accreditations.

Our members represent all aspects of the speaking business. All make their living, or part of their living, speaking and working with groups.



MAPS is the only professional association for speakers that is committed to building a better future for the professional speaking business in Malaysia. MAPS strives to help its members grow their speaking capabilities through developing the eight professional competencies which are enhanced through promotion, widened exposure, learning partnerships, international linkages and international advancement of the speaking professional through participation in the Global Speakers Federation (GSF).


Global Speaking Federation

GSF is the global body that sets standards for professional speakers in a growing list of countries, which currently includes:





NSA Sweden










Association Française des EXPERTS & Conférenciers Professionnels

Asia Professional Speakers - Singapore

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

German Speakers Association

National Speakers Association Sweden

Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers

National Speakers Association of New Zealand

National Speakers Association

Professional Speakers Australia

Professional Speakers Association Belgium

Professional Speakers Association Holland

Professional Speakers Association of Namibia

Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa

Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland



MAPS adopts the following Eight Professional Competencies that was originally proposed by the National Speakers Federation. They are:

  1. Professional Awareness
  2. Professional Relationships
  3. Topic Development
  4. Platform Mechanics
  5. Presenting and Performing
  6. Skills in Authorship and Product Development
  7. Sales and Marketing Skills
  8. Managing the Business



MAPS aims to:

  1. Uphold and enforce actively high ethical standards and professionalism by all members in the speaking business.
  2. Provide resources and training for our members in the speaking profession.
  3. Promote and enhance the professional image of our members to the public.
  4. Provide members with the resources and guidance in order that they can contribute to the performance, productivity and profitability of Organisations.
  5. Support and participate actively with overseas institutions in the professional speaking industry.
  6. Strive to upgrade and maintain the highest standard for World Class Speaking Professionals.

A key thing to note is that it is not MAPS’ objective to encourage anyone to leave their employment and set up their own private speaking business. Becoming a speaking entrepreneur has its own merits for success and failure. As a matter of fact, many of our professional members are happily employed by organisations in the position of speakers and trainers and are very happy to remain there. Other than entrepreneurship, MAPS emphasises and encourages ‘intrepreneurship’, a concept that we have seen more people likely to succeed in


WHY JOINING M.A.P.S is IMPORTANT (and a must) for your Professional Speaking Career?

  1. Be Recognised As A True Professional
  2. Expose Your Professional Speaking Services Worldwide Through This Website
  3. Associate With Other Professional Speakers
  4. Enjoy Special Privileges For All Activities Organised By M.A.P.S
  5. Learn From The World's Best Speakers
  6. Interact With Other Professionals From Other Countries
  7. Have The Opportunity To Present Your Talks In Different Parts Of The World
  8. Exchange Expertise And Experiences With Other Professionals
  9. Keep Updated On Developments In Professional Speaking
  10. Provide Budding Speakers A Platform To Sharpen Their Speaking Skills