Membership Benefits

Do you use your voice as a tool professionally? If you are a trainer, facilitator, coach, consultant, emcee, adult educator and/or keynoter, you do. Then come and join our fraternity of "speakers" who share the same professional interest as you. We welcome people who are currently employed and those who are self-employed. You can remain being employed and still be a professional speaker.

Basic Membership Benefits:

  1. Sharpen your professional speaking (training, coaching and facilitation) skills.
  2. Interact with professionals who are employed, self-employed locally and internationally.
  3. Enhance your image and be recognized as a professional
  4. Keep updated on developments in professional speaking
  5. Exchange expertise and experiences with other professionals
  6. For those in speaking business, learn the important skills of marketing, promotion and branding
  7. Get expert advice from master trainers to run your business as a profit centre and to run your business effectively
  8. Expand the scope of your professional services
  9. Associate with professional speakers from other parts of the world
  10. Enjoy special privileges and discounts for all activities from member countries worldwide

Mr Gerald Green, MAPS founding member and second president, who is fondly acknowledged as "Papa Gerald", in the Toastmasters fraternity in South East Asia , who is awarded Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), and is the only Accredited Speaker outside the US n Canada (by Toastmaster US, since 1994) has said, "In Malaysia, MAPS is what Toastmasters should follow through..."

He further said, "With Toastmaster, you learn the ropes of public speaking. When you are ready to become a Professional, join the MAPS Fraternity. Join the activities that MAPS and MAPS will help you to become a true professional speaker."

Global Speakers Federation Membership

MAPS is a proud member of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). :

The annual fee you pay as Professional or Ordinary members is inclusive of the annual membership fee for GSF membership. Check the list of professional and ordinary members in the Home page. For details of GSF, see Global Affiliation.

MAPS is not for everybody! There are many training, facilitating, coaching clubs and associations that you are encouraged to join. But if are a true professional and have the ability to share some great subject matter expertise that the world would applaud , then come and join MAPS and be counted as professionals of world class stature.