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Mr Nara Subramaniam
I am a Resource Investment Strategist, Executive Coach, Management Consultant, and Corporate Trainer. With my experience of 40 years in the business world, I am now living my passion to build capacity and capability for Corporates, SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Start-ups.
My passion has always been to help people to 'connect the dots', 'see around the corner' and be a ‘business partner’ to organisations and help them increase productivity through better leadership and self-management. I am a member of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers, affiliated with the GSF.

Please read on, for more on Career Highlights:
I was the Director of Finance for the Malaysian manufacturing plants of MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. which had investments of over RM1.0 billion in the region. The group acquired Sun Edison and First Wind to become "The world’s largest renewable energy company" by 2014 and I was helmed as the corporate nominee for the Malaysian stable of more than 25 companies.

In my round-robin experience as senior management, I had the pleasure to implement the full-blown SAP project for the Malaysia operations and set up the global financial shared services Transaction Centre of Excellence. I enjoyed managing Human Resource, Environment Safety & Health, Global Strategic Procurement and executed various niche plant expansion projects, including risk management, corporate governance, and ISO, SOX, SEC, and EICC compliances. The exhilaration was always from working with the people at all levels of management and building talent whilst bridging the corporate divide.

Starting my career with a firm of Chartered Accountants and moving on to manufacturing, mining, semiconductor, solar, property development, mechanical and electrical industries, I held various senior management and CFO positions in locally listed conglomerates and worked closely with GLCs and MNCs.

I have a keen interest in People, Process, and Performance and work with organizations to help them in capacity and capability building, learning and development, revenue maximization, and business turnarounds.

I am a Chartered Accountant, Certified Coach from University of Malaya (UMCEED), and a Strategic Sourcing Professional certified by PASIA. I was the past Treasurer/Secretary of The Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) and sit on the Board of an established Scholarship Fund and am an Academic Consultant to a leading University.

I run my Training and Business Consultancy called RESOLVE ASIA, am Senior Consultant for MV International Sdn Bhd (Logistics & Supply Chain Consultancy) and for Acuity Consulting (Risk Management & Corporate Governance).
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1 Management The Sustainable Organisation: Plan Your Future Business owners, Organisational leaders, HR & Admin Managers
2 Management How to achieve 150% through Smart Goals Management Business owners, Organisational leaders, HR & Admin Managers
3 Leadership Personal Leadership for Smart Businesspeople SMEs, Business Owners, Management Staff
4 Profitability  Save money with Smart Purchasing Business Owners, NGOs, All Managers, Purchasing Staff, Finance Staff, Engineers,
5 Productivity Add years to your life through Strategic Time Management Business Owners, All levels of management, HR & Admin Staff,