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Mr Abu Bakar
BAKAR is a HRDF-certified trainer/facilitator, and has a strong passion to develop people to improve them personally and professionally. He has extensive experience in facilitating and conducting training programs in Career Development, Communication, Leadership, Social Enterprise, Design Thinking, Futures Thinking, 4IR and Blockchain. He has done facilitation and training for various organizations, including multinational companies, government linked companies, small and medium enterprises, schools, universities, as well as government institutions.

Bakar is also a coach, and has coached various clients in corporate and public sectors to help them in their career and personal growth. He is also a certified consultant/counsellor for Catalyst Career Coaching Program to help people in their career development as well as to improve their teamwork.

Coming from an IT background, Bakar is passionate in the latest technology development, especially on Industrial Revolution 4.0 (4IR) and Blockchain. He is a Certified Blockchain Expert (Blockchain Council, USA) and is currently doing research on blockchain for halal industry. He has given talks on 4IR and Blockchain topics in local and international conferences. Bakar’s other interest is on Futures Thinking, where he has completed ‘Futures Thinking’ specialization by The Institute of The Future, USA. He has also conducted workshops on this topic to enable people to recognize patterns of changes in the future, and how to plan for their (or company’s) future accordingly.

Professionally, Bakar has more than 25 years of working experience in the IT industry, mostly with IBM. His last position with IBM was as Asia Pacific Leader for IBM Global Techline, providing pre-sales support to IBM global software business. He has a wealth of experience in leadership/management, training and development, technical sales, marketing, consulting and technical support. Throughout his career, Bakar had served in various capacities for IBM in Malaysia, ASEAN, Asia Pacific as well as Worldwide. Bakar was inducted into the prestigious IBM Hundred Percent Club (HPC) five times, besides receiving many other awards. Bakar is also a member of Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) and adjunct lecturer for Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). He is active in Toastmasters International, and has achieved the rank of ‘Distinguished Toastmaster’.

Bakar is married with three children, and in his spare time he likes to watch basketball and American football. He is a passionate supporter of his alma mater’s team, Michigan State University (Spartans).
S.No Topic Title Target Audience
1 Innovation 4IR for Business Executives, Managers, C-levels
2 Innovation Blockchain for Business Executives and Managers
3 Presentation Skills Tongue Untied: The Art of Impromptu Speaking All levels of employees
4 Careers  Career Coaching Students, executives, managers
5 Vision/Purpose Futures Thinking Managers and C-levels