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Mr Rajen Devadason
Rajen Devadason speaks on holistic financial planning and retirement funding solutions.

He is a Malaysian Securities Commission-licensed financial planner, a CFP, and graduated with an Honours degree in Physics and Computing from King's College, London.

He is a member of MENSA UK, MAPS and FPAM (the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia). He's been invited to speak in Beijing, Berlin and Honolulu, but focuses mainly on the Malaysia and Singapore corporate speaking markets.
S.No Topic Title Target Audience
1 Financial & Tax Planning Building Your Financial Fortress English-speaking business owners and middle and upper management employees seeking to strengthen their personal financial lives.
2 Financial & Tax Planning New Retirement Realities English-speaking financial intermediaries focusing on the burgeoning retirement planning market and proactive members of the public who wish to get a head start on preparing for an increasingly difficult retirement landscape.
3 Financial & Tax Planning How Financial Professionals Can Build Deeper Client Relationships English-speaking financial planners and financial intermediaries who wish to serve their carefully selected and curated clients over periods stretching across decades.
4 Financial & Tax Planning  Key Financial Planning Lessons from Shakespeare, Dickens and Star Wars! English-speaking fans of literature and science fiction who wish to be entertained while also being edified through a greater understanding of key financial planning principles.
5 Financial & Tax Planning How to Go from Debt-Slave to Money Master in Less Time than YOU Ever Imagined Everyone who has ever had to battle rising personal debt levels.