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Mr Sasintheran Rajayandran
Professional Member
1) Agile Mindset
Year :2011 to present
2)Team Synergy - Team Building
Year :2011 to present
3)6 Habit Of Excellence
Year :2011 to present
4)Thinking Out of The Box & Creative Thinking
Year :2011 to present
5)Time Mastery & Communication Skills
Year :2011 to present
6)Functional Leadership
Year :2019 to present
7)Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Year :2019 to present
8)Be Positive Mindset
Year :2018 to present
9)Critical & Analytical Thinking
Year :2019
S.No Topic Title Target Audience
1 Productivity Agile Mindset Executives / Managers/ Team Leads
2 Personal Development Time Mastery All Levels
3 Customer Service Customer Service Excellence All Levels
4 Performance Improvement  6 Habits Of Excellence Executives / Managers/ Team Leads
5 Teamwork/Teambuilding Team Synergy - Team building All Levels