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Mr Prasath
Professional Member
Trained over 1,000 participants throughout Asia Pacific focusing on marketing and branding. A very passionate trainer who goes out of the way to get certain trainings done for participants whenever possible. With a career experience working with more than 350 brands, PK's case study is one big strength that he offers in his training that easily relatable to today's business world.
S.No Topic Title Target Audience
1 Branding Brand & Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Students, and anyone who has a Brand that wants to be commercialised professionally.
2 Branding Personal Branding through LinkedIn This course can be catered to Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Employees, Fred Grads, Students and Non-Profit Organisations.
3 Employees/Workforce Employment Branding Employees under an organisation or HR Professionals.
4 Marketing  HALAL Marketing Brand owners who has already obtain the HALAL Certifications and marketing who targets the HALAL Consumers and Community.
5 Branding Corporate Personal Branding Professionals, Sales Team, Insurance & Sales Agents