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Sunil Hasmukharay is a highly regarded international speaker since his tender age of 17, an Executive Leadership Coach, Facilitator & Strategic Consultant. He brings with him more than a decade long corporate experience from PETRONAS as well as 16 years of significant leadership roles in local and international arenas. His long history of leading diverse groups globally has led him to becoming a much sought after speaker, coach & facilitator in developing Solution Focused, Strength Driven Leader
S.No Topic Title Target Audience
1 Motivation Unleash Your Potential Helping People to discover their passion & purpose
2 Coaching Executive Leadership Coach Coaching Leaders
3 Facilitator Solution Focused Facilitation Skills Facilitation Tools & Techniques
4 Leadership  Solution Focused Leadership & Coaching Skills SF Leadership
5 Attitude 8 Secrets of Highly Successful People Key to Success is Attitude