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Ms Angeline
VP Membership
* Managing Director & CEO Inspired Life International Sdn Bhd

The one and only Certified Clinical Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist, Coach and Speaker in Asia, Angeline’s vision is to bring positive changes to the society, empowering the community to overcome their physical, emotional and mental barriers towards a positive, happy and balanced Uncompromised Life, delivering Uncompromised Performance. She helps her clients to find the root cause of their issues by assessing the subconscious mind. Angeline has with her more than 16 successful years of solid mentoring and coaching experiences, building exceptional high performance individuals internationally.

Very rarely to have an expert practitioner that speaks and coaches, Angeline offers customized service to all her clients upon nailing down the root cause at a deeper level. Her greatest values – dedication, integrity and devotion stand second to none and she is attached to the International Council of Psychotherapist (ICP) London, the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) UK and accredited by Complimentary and Natural Health Council (CNHC) UK.

Testimonials :

“It’s so rare, if not impossible, to find a high professional who has mastered both the art of life coaching and the art of hypnotherapy! The combination of both gave me lasting changes that I truly crave and deserve! This combo is fast and effective, saved me hundreds of hours and a ton of money at a convenient therapist, who is not trained with these cutting edge and exceptional methodologies.” – Dr Elena Pezzini, Best Selling Author, Certified Business Coach

“I know her very well because she spoke together with me in South Africa to 1800 people. It is rated as 1 of the top 3 best speeches and her strategies to start the first business to grow a business is bolted on, but more importantly she gives you the accountability and the mindset. And that’s what people don’t understand – your mind is stronger than your excuses. Your business cannot afford not to talk to Angeline and I do business all over the world and she’s the person that you need to contact to. Your business will thank me once you talk to Angeline because it will never be the same.” – JT Foxx, World #1 Wealth Coach
S.No Topic Title Target Audience
1 Change Re-write Your Reality & WIN Your Life. Corporate C-level, M-level & Successors, and Leaders who are ready to take the leap to explore their inner belief-blocks and thereafter create extraordinary realities in their lives.
2 Stress Removing The False Expectations Of You, From You Stressed out Multitasking Working Adults who want to know the root cause of how they feel - and it's not about workloads.
3 Organizational Development Remove the Frame! Corporate C-Level, Leaders, and Managers who are ready to unlearn what had been holding them back to create yet another new breakthrough. Be prepared to work with inner selves and what could be the blocks that had been holding the whole organisation from moving forward.
4 Personal Development  Why Change Is So Difficult? Leaders and General Public who wish to know why change is almost impossible, and why people fall back to where they used to be even with the initial success in change. Learn to master inner strength to make the positive change sustainable.