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Mr Kishz
VP Education
Kishz, a professional emcee cum successful entrepreneur who is a Managing Director of 4 companies has walked the stage of thousands of events doing what he does best, which is to motivate and ignite a passion for success while chasing your wildest dreams.

His "passion" brand has brought him to Singapore and even Brunei. Currently,Kishz holds the Malaysia Book of Records title for the "Longest Non-Stop Emcee". He spoke for 15 hours non-stop back in 2003 and still holds that record until today.
S.No Topic Title Target Audience
1 Inspirational Run Forest Run University, college students as well as those who are new to the working world. Run Forest Run is about chasing your dreams, going the extra mile and doing the impossible. The goal and objective is to create a desire for success and ignite a passion to do what you do best.
2 Motivation Crime In Passion Isa it wrong to go after your passion, your dreams? What to expect and how do you work around this passion of yours? Targets school, universities and working corporates.
3 Communication I TALK 15 HOURS NON STOP! Those who are interested in becoming an emcee. What does it take, how do we engage and how to sharpen those skills.
4 Teamwork/Teambuilding  Colour Brain, A No Brainer Corporates and companies with a vision and mission to have better synergy.