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Mr Bachan Singh
Professional Member
I am a retired lecturer. The subjects that I lectured are in the field of Construction Management. The subjects are project planning, site management, productivity studies and building maintenance management.

I have conducted trainings to the contractors (G1- G5) registered with CIDB. I focus more on the lower Grade contractors to expose them in project construction and building maintenance management. I have also provide training in building maintenance management to police personnel and other agencies.

I am also active in conducting training in stress management. I have conducted trainings in laughter yoga and mindfulness. The trainings are conducted in hospitals and schools. I am a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. I attended the laughter course in Bangalore, India.

I am active in Toastmasters International and I conduct training in public speaking for clerical staff.
S.No Topic Title Target Audience
1 Stress Laughter Yoga and mindfulness Middle and lower managers