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Mr G.Sivalingam
Professional Member
G.Sivalingam is a leading trainer and consultant in the fields of written and spoken communications, especially high level presentations, such as reports. His focus is on helping writers and speakers to understanding their target readers, and craft the report or communication to get the key message across, in a way that the readers can understand, especially when complex or sophisticated information is involved.

He is particularly skilled in helping professionals, who have very specialized skills, to make a strong impact on readers and listeners, including those who may have little or no knowledge of the field, and yet need to take action, based on the information provided. His clients include IBM, J &J, X-Fab Semiconductor, Motorola Solutions, and Freescale Semiconductor.

His writing credentials are substantial and varied, among them being a columnist for Men’s Review magazine and PC Magazine Malaysia. He is particularly experienced in converting complex material into clear, easily understandable words, a skill he sharpened in his many years working at large corporations such as Ericsson, Qiva and Dataprep.

Along the way he has authored business operations manuals, quick reference cards for internal procurement systems and procedures for healthcare staff using SAP systems, as well as coordinate User Acceptance and develop user guides for a customized merchant banking solution for Aseambankers.

Siva’s background includes a degree in Chemical Engineering, with 7 years experience in manufacturing, including several years in Quality Assurance work for medical product companies, plus 7 years experience in documenting a variety of software projects, including telecommunications and banking solutions.

This experience, in addition to his consultancy work with Malaysian franchisors in understanding their businesses, and sharing that understanding with their franchisees through operations manuals, all give him a unique perspective in helping clients to improve their own communication skills.
S.No Topic Title Target Audience
1 Writing/Publishing Technical Report Writing This workshop is intended for people who need to craft technical reports, which clearly identify the technical information required by decision makers, guide them to the key findings using structured report components, and finally justify the recommended solutions using critical analysis.
2 Persuasion/Influencing Writing E-Mails:Tips & Techniques This workshop is intended for people who are trying to craft effective e-mail communications in a world filled with ineffective and offensive e-mails which offend or confuse your target readers.
3 Communication Business Communication: Oral & Written This workshop is intended for people who want to gain working knowledge of modern written business communication in the form of e-mails and letters, and oral communications in the form of workplace conversations, effective listening and running effective meetings.
4 Productivity  Documentation of Processes & Procedures This workshop is intended for people who wish to understand the differences between policies, processes and procedures, their interaction, and how to go about crafting and documenting their own operational processes and procedures.