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Mr Kevin Cottam
Professional Member
‘Kevin has a very unique background from working as a coach to Olympic champions to creating large-scale productions.  He is original in his thinking and helps his clients to develop their own new solutions by challenging their creative mind set.’
Robin Lokerman, Group President, MCI Group Singapore

Kevin, is a Canadian, a global nomad who works globally. He is a TEDx and Global Speaker, and has been said he is a ‘not business as usual’ speaker. His quiet authority, powerful presence and unique global living draws clients to seek him out, listen and work with him. They often say, ‘they want that peaceful elegant grace he has.’

He leverages his successful dynamic creative 30+ years as an elite figure skating choreographer of National, World and Olympic Champions from around the world as well as director of global events such as the ’88 Olympic Closing Ceremonies to inspire and motivate businesses. His passion of having lived on four continents in 15 cities and visited over 35 countries has given him a high degree of cultural insight, awareness and stories which enriches his motivational speaking to the business communities.

He has spoken on three continents and in 12 different countries in the broad area of Inner Engagement Leading to Personal High Performance, Mindset and Innovation/Creativity. These very powerful, timely and vital topic identifies competencies and ways leadership can vitalize their people. Currently he is in research for his upcoming leadership book and keynote ‘The Nomadic Mindset, Never Settle for too Long.’

He has been called a ‘transformational catalyst, personal guide or guru’ because of his heartfelt concern for human potential, excellence and mastery. He has dedicated his early life to assisting and inspiring athletes and entertainers to become stars and champions (e.g. Kurt Browning, Elizabeth Manley, Kristi Yamaguchi) and now completely focuses his energy on middle, senior managers and C-suite to become directors, secretary general’s, ambassadors and masterful leaders by living their values based authentic voice.

Today, he is committed to transferring his knowledge, skills and passion to multinational corporations and governments guiding their individuals and teams to high performance. In addition to his speaking, Kevin’s executive coaching passion, knowledge and focus inspires individuals, teams and organizations to achieve balance, excellence and success by performing to their creative and innovative best. Some of the organizations, associations and institutions he has spoken, coached or facilitated at are Club Med, UBS, Givaudan, L’Oreal, Nestle, European Union (Commission, Council, Parliament), ECCO, MPI, SITE, and SITE India.

Kevin is an avid sportsman, creator and global nomad who loves, swimming, kayaking, working out, yoga, meditation, traveling, great conversations and meeting new people of different cultures. His global life has been the motivation for authoring is self-help book, ‘Aha, Mother’s Pearls’ which is an inspiring compilation of 27 personal stories of learning.

He is a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered and Success Coach and NLP Practitioner. He is an PCC active member of the International Coaching Federation and ACS Toastmasters International.

S.No Topic Title Target Audience
1 Leadership The Nomadic Mindset The Nomadic Mindset is a keynote for bold and courageous leaders who want to live and lead powerfully with mindful sustainability qualities that can be learned from the ancient wisdom of the nomads. Nomads are all about business! In today's world of ever changing organizations, the nomadic mindset or the movement of the mind, will help to transform your business culture and bottom line. Come discover these behaviourial qualities.
2 Presentation Skills Boost your Self-Confidence Through theatre and creative tools and exercises you will begin to gain confidence in your talents and your being. Based on your values, this highly interactive 2-day workshop will inspire, energize and get you feeling more confident and comfortable about you! Don't you want a little more of that!
3 Performance Improvement Maximize and Vitalize your Performance In this interactive 1 or 2 day workshop, you will start by ranking your values as one of the energetic tools that you organically possess. These are energy drivers. From there you will look at your work or life performance from the point of view of how you manage your energy budget on a daily basis. This powerful and insightful course will awaken your senses and put you on the road to maximizing your performance in life and work with tips and mindful discoveries.
4 Vision/Purpose  Your Corporate Purpose This 2 day takes leaders in start-up's and SME's on a journey to discover your organizational values, vision, discover your why, mission and what is your story! This workshop inspire your to lead from bullseye of what links you all leading to a more focused, strategic process of moving forward. It is a very interactive and thought provoking workshop. You will come out with your organizational values, why, vision/mission statements and your story pitch to clients.
5 Creativity Design and Facilitate Events Whether you are designing internal events small or large and having to facilitate team buildings, learning a creative a strategic process can help you profoundly to avoid those very challenging moments. In this two-day highly interactive fun course you will learn a creative process and facilitation techniques that you can put into action immediately and this is what you will do. By the end of the course you will have created, facilitated and demonstrated an event with your team within the classroom to all the participants. A fast moving and fun workshop!