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Ms Teoh Poh Yew
Professional Member
Teoh Poh Yew is a very experienced international trainer in the fields of creativity, maths education and training of trainers’ programmes. Always innovative and enthusiastic, Poh Yew captivates the audience with her boundless energy and her unique magical approach in training.

She conducts extremely innovative workshops for corporate leaders, teachers, trainers, parents and students in 16 countries around the world such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Bulgaria, Denmark, United States, Germany, India, etc.

She is the founder of “Creative Maths” (a licensed programme) that is now available in Malaysia and Singapore. She has also published 3 books on mathematical magic.

She appears regularly on TV, radio, magazines and news papers to share her experiences.

Teoh Poh Yew also is a dynamic and creative Mathematics educator who firmly believes that everyone can learn and enjoy this “dreaded” subject.

She taught Secondary school Mathematics for 11 years and now she is an independent teacher trainer. Her major interest is to transform Mathematics into a tool to develop creativity, enhance mathematical thinking and sharpen problem solving abilities. She inspires students to approach this subject with confidence and enthusiasm.
S.No Topic Title Target Audience
1 Creativity Creative Mindsets for Excellence General public
2 Education The Art of Effective Teaching Educators from preschool to university level
3 Education How to Raise Happy and Creative Children Parents and teachers handling children of age 12 years and below
4 Education  Developing Higher Order Thinking Skills through Maths Magic Mathematics educators of all levels
5 Communication Creative Communication through Self-made Craft Cards General public