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Mr Marappan Raman
Professional Member
Marappan Raman, holds a Bachelor Of Clinical Hypnotherapy (BCH) and has received Trainers Training in NLP from APU, USA.

Professional Coach (COACH U, USA);
a) Business Coaches
Coaching in a corporate or business setting uses the synergy of the organization and the individuals who work there to evolve their collective capacity for learning and creating.

b) Personal Coaches
Personal Coaching is a powerful relationship which enables an individual to realize extraordinary results through a PROCESS of discovery, goal setting, and meaningful action. Coaches focus on creating positive results in your personal & professional life by BUILDING self-awareness and suggesting positive action. Coaching facilitates a deepened understanding or awareness that opens doors to new possibilities.

He has more than 15 years of vast experiences in training the youth, parents and educators in the area of Personal Development and Character Building for an International Organization called Sukyo Mahikari, Character Based Leadership Training for Colleges and Corporate Character for Companies. Also he has attended many International Youth Leadership training in Japan, America, Australia, India, Singapore and Malaysia.

He inspires, leads, educates and informs people, helping them to realize their true inherent potential. His common sense approach and deeply held beliefs have motivated many to re-evaluate their attitudes. His many years of research, understanding and experience has helped hundreds people in the path of personal growth and fulfillment. His approach is that, given the proper knowledge and guidance, anyone can attain better health, improved relationship, and in general a successful happier life.

His training is continuously taking him from Malaysia to countries like Singapore, India, Nepal, Bali and Vietnam.
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