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Dr PM Low
Past Presidents(2004-2005)

* 4th President of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS)
* The president who took MAPS to become a member of the global fraternity, IFFPS (now know as the Global Speakers Federation
* Mr. P.M.Low is also the Past President of Yokohama Trainee Centre, Association of Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS), Japan.
* He was a Founder and Executive Committee member of (AOTS) Malaysia 

PM, as he is popularly known is a speaker with diverse hands-on experience and a career that spans 35 years. As a dynamic speaker and trainer, he has an impressive track record of providing effective training to many government organizations, private sectors, academic institutions.

His revolutionary approach in using acronyms during his training to enhance comprehension and invaluable takeaways as reference has won him recognition as Master trainer in the training arena. He is accredited as the “Master of creative acronyms” and “Guru of creative acronyms” for training. This rare honor is conferred by both The International and Local training fraternities respectively.

An acknowledged and recognized International Professional Trainer, he was invited by TV2 to present a series of episodes in the ‘Be Excellent’ programs. He speaks regularly at local and international CONFERENCES and at seminars organized by PSMB. Author of the book ”G6 on Cloud Nine” on How to Change and Win. Thousands of copies were sold to his supporters and trainees even before it was printed. One of the best sellers, the book is impeccably motivational and the techniques introduced are practicable to attain success PM is distinguished and respected in the International and Local Training Arena.

He is honoured as:-
* The Past President of the Malaysian Association for Professional
Speakers (MAPS)
* The First Malaysian and the First from ASEAN countries invited to represent Malaysian speakers in the executive
Council of the prestigious International Federation For Professional Speakers (IFFPS), now the Global Speakers Federation
* Founder and executive committee member of Association Of Overseas Technical Scholarship
 (AOTS), Malaysia. (currently known as PAAM)
* He was invited IFFPS to speak at the 1st international summit for professional speakers.

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