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Mr Gerald Green
Past Presidents(2002)

Mr Gerald Green passed on to the afterlife on 17th Sept, 2017. He was an important founding member and the 2nd President of MAPS.  Gerald Green is a Great Toastmaster and is fondly acknowledged as "Papa Gerald", in the Toastmasters fraternity in South East Asia.

Some other facts about "Papa Gerald":

He was awarded Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), and is the only Accredited Speaker outside the US n Canada (by Toastmaster US, since 1994)

Gerald Green has said, "In Malaysia, MAPS is what Toastmasters should follow through..."

"With Toastmaster, you learn the ropes of public speaking. When you are ready to become a Professional, join the MAPS Fraternity. Join the activities that MAPS organise for its members and MAPS will help you to become a true professional speaker."

Three outstanding achievement by Gerald Green:

1. The first Toastmasters Club in Malaysia was formed in 1978 initiated by Gerald Green, DTM.

2. 10/8/1985 - Formation of Pro-Tem Council of Toastmasters Club in Malaysia. 

3. 1989 - Pan South East Asia (PanSEA) Territorial Council for Toastmasters Club in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia.

Gerald shared a wonderful poem at MAPS Convention 2017.

You can love me, but I must make me happy.
You can teach me, but I must do the learning.
You can guide me, but I will have to walk the path.
You can coach me, but I must win that game.
You can even promote me, but I must be successful.
You can even pity me, but I will still have to bear the sorrow.
For the gift of love is not the food that feeds me;
It is the sunshine that nourishes what I must finally harvest for myself.
So, if you love me, don’t just sing me a song;
Teach me to sing, for when I am alone I will need the melody.

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