Leadership and Its Truth

…and of course, it is! No one deliberately tells a lie, especially in leadership. Right? There’s too much at stake and leaders genuinely take up the role in view of all responsibility that comes with it.

Leaders are known to call a spade, a spade. Leaders call it as we see it. It is what it is. Then leaders act based on the data we collected and the experiences we had within context. When questioned, leaders will have a list of proof and defense because every decision, detailed planned execution and expected outcome are based on the founded TRUTH.

It’s probably a logical approach to leadership, that is to act within reason and detailed planning. I would like to think that every leader would have a system in place, a reference outline/guideline and a team of other leaders to bounce ideas before concluding based on TRUTH.

Would it be fair to say, however, in leadership we tend to view truth from our lenses, our worldview and to a certain extent get influenced by our culture and belief system. Hence, decisions made stems from what we view as TRUTH from our perspective. Yet, it is also a known fact that, in any circumstance, there is more than one view and perspective. So, whose TRUTH do we subscribe to in leadership? When do we say, ‘this is right and that is wrong’?

When everyone’s TRUTH is true and not everyone is present when the TRUTH is experienced, how many sides to the story do we gauge, weigh and undertake?

Since everyone is telling the truth and everyone has versions of truth…how do we know when to lead towards which direction?

I won’t debunk or underplay masters in leadership who have written and produced manuals and books in the market, which are all a great help, and yet, it has been in my experience, upon scouring books and listening to versions of texts on podcasts that were taken at face value without diving deep into the reality of leading first hand, content without context has taken me off-course because of the expectations of ‘leadership’ behaviors portrayed or proposed in certain publications.

Master and gurus, teachers and friends, mentors and coaches have all been part of the brew in my recognition to what it takes to be a leader. I, too, am writing a book in reflection of my experience, shortcomings, wins and turbulences – all may be of value (or NOT) to those consuming the nuggets at the time they are presented. Nevertheless…in all fear of misguiding and keeping my nuggets of knowledge to myself, I was jolted by a friendly nudge by a peer who said, “perhaps you feel you have nothing to share, and your knowledge barely scratches the surface. That is indeed the view of ONE who have the privilege of learning. For the rest of us, what you view is a drop of knowledge may turn out to be the deepest abyss of brilliance because we know nothing of what you have seen.”

As a networker and leading over 200 business owners and entrepreneurs in my BNI region, while running a boutique outfit in editorial and coaching others to shift and transform, sometimes leadership is such a slippery slope environment and blurry canvas. It’s never a one-size-fit all or have a blueprint and ready template to strike off things to do checklist.

With that, I write, and I hope the book is published soonest by March 2022. Until then, here’s a portion of my truth that comes with experience:

Everyone’s truth is valid until it stops serving the objective.
Every truth warrants attention, and every step must be taken to make corrections.
Resolutions trumps compromise, but it grows in gradient. Enroll and focus on solutions that helps everyone feel that they have won some parts of the battle.
There is no place for righteousness, even when everyone wants to be right. We need to listen and respond.
The leader never knows everything, but a leader makes the best decision and stands in the heat.

I’ll continue to share more truths as personal nuggets of experience. It may work for you, or it may not. It may function in certain context and not in others. They are my experiences and my truth…take what you need. There is not one size-fit-all, no blueprint and most importantly no place for righteousness.

There is never a right or a wrong. There is sometimes what works and what does not work. What remains a constant for leadership is that, there is always room for learning and corrections. Then at the height of every journey, at the corner of every curve, at a cross junction – there will be WINS to celebrate…don’t you ever forget to CELEBRATE!

You deserve it.

I wish you nothing but the best and all that is possible for you in your leadership journey.

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