Self-Express or In-your-Face?

Sometimes, when an emotion is unfamiliar, it can be misread. For example, when confidence is missing in oneself, it is read as arrogance in others. When love is missing, it is read as needy. When boundaries are missing, it is read as selfish. With that in mind, would speaking up mean to self-express or to […]

Leadership and Its Truth

…and of course, it is! No one deliberately tells a lie, especially in leadership. Right? There’s too much at stake and leaders genuinely take up the role in view of all responsibility that comes with it.  Leaders are known to call a spade, a spade. Leaders call it as we see it. It is what […]

That Thing Called Leadership

An important role turned into a buzzword. Everyone is a guru, a master, a sifu of Leadership. A myriad of courses, books, conferences, masterclasses on leadership are available with no real blueprint of what truly defines leadership. An industry without a concrete science, so young and most likely in infancy – who can truly deduce […]


As a WordSmith, I ponder. What does “learning” mean? When do you learn? How does learning happen? My experiences with the word “learning” is best expressed in my mother tongue, Bahasa Melayu. Learning is (i) timba ilmu and (ii) belajar. See the difference? `Timba ilmu‘ is time spent receiving knowledge ie going to school, college […]

The Power of Words in Creating Leadership Presence.

The Ocean of Trainers and Facilitators are a brimming red, especially when we sift through folios of trainers working in leadership.  And I, would have never in my lifetime ever imagined to embark on the path of facilitation and coaching for leaders. Yet, the Almighty has designed a path so focused and so niche, that […]