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Jackson Ng
EXCO Member
  +6016 336 6030

Jackson Ng graduated with a Master Degree in the area of Human Resources Management. He has been an entrepreneur since he was 24 years old. He is a Certified Professional Trainer, a qualification he earns from IPMA, UK. He was appointed by PSMB as one of the master trainer for PSMB Train-The-Trainer program.

He wrote   and book. His new books, and will be published soon. Since 2001, he has trained and coached many business owners, managers and leaders to experiment new approach in their business and more than 70% of his clients achieved considerable results in their business.

No. Topic Title Target Audience
1 Personal Development The New You ( Personal Development at Work) We are targeting the non-executives who always have excuses when it comes to work. they may have mindset issues, low productivity and under perform in their work
2 Leadership TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME We are targeting the heads of department, executives and above to understand the framework of leadership and able to apply in their work environment immediately
3 Persuasion/Influencing MASTER COMMUNICATOR We are targeting senior executives to understand and apply the art of persuasion and influencing in order to create a win win deal for all.
4 Sales  SALES AND MARKETING GENIUS We are targeting sales people from all industries to know the 12 most powerful methods in selling to their clients and customers.
5 Relationships UNDERSTANDING AND COMMUNICATING WITH MULTI-GENERATION We are targeting everyone, from the bottom to the top in all organisations to create harmony and engagement among in their organisation to gain max team cohesiveness, integration, productivity and business results.