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Anthony P. Fernandez

President, Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers,

Board Member, Global Speakers Federation

Executive Director, Leader Board Sdn Bhd, Avin Solutions Sdn Bhd


1. Talented with the ability for high performance and agility. Loves working with people and problem solving.

2. Mr. Anthony Fernandez' illustrious career initially evolved through meeting various challenges in IT and management of the local and international organisations such as Air Products, Celcom, ESSO, Golden Hope Plantations, Hewlett Packard, JARING, JTI, Kontena National Berhad, Maxis, MEMC, MOX, Panasonic, PETRONAS, PNB, POS Malaysia, PROTON, Robert Bosch, Shell, SHRDF, Standard Chartered Bank, Texas Instruments and Westport to name a few.

3.  He provided corporate solutions, training, building skills & competency for 15 years in the capacity of a Business Development Director (of an IT System Integrator, Training and Microwave Communications Organisational Group of Companies). During this time, Anthony Fernandez exhibited excellent corporate turnaround and intrepreneurial capabilities

4.  He initiated, developed and was the director of the Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific (outsourced contract) training team for 7 years. Anthony Fernandez' team took charge of training and managing the regional HP STAR certification program for Hewlett Packard staff and resellers. To succeed, Anthony Fernandez and his team had to overcome fierce competition from USA, Australia and rest of the Asia Pacific.

5.  Anthony Fernandez initially graduated from University Kebangsaan Malaysia, (the national university of Malaysia) with a BSc. (Hons.) degree. He has a number of post graduate training certificate covering varied areas in training, learning & development and management including the 3Com Wizard (Silicon Valley, USA), various HP STAR Certification, [trained in  HP and Compaq USA, HP Germany, HP Spain, HP Hong Kong, HP Singapore and Nicon South Africa (GPS)]

6.  Anthony Fernandez have delivered both technical and sales trainings in US, Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Butan and Malaysia, gaining himself a distinct experience and insight of different cultures and behavioural backgrounds.

7.  The largest local project he was involved in was the 19 session of (about 50 people per session) team building programme for more than 1,000 participants from MLNG (Petronas - Petronas Twin Towers, Kuching, Satu Bintulu, Dua, Bintulu and Tiga Bintulu) group of companies in Miri. Incidently, the first team building he ever did was done in Jim Cobert's Tiger Park, India, for the Indian HP Large Format Printer Resellers.



“You were the key to success on the program which made my country Indonesia to be the best in Asia Pacific that time."
Robert Philip, Hewlett Packard, Indonesia​

"Anthony, you have a tremendous presence on the platform. You possess a blend of competence, commitment and compassion that is rare indeed. It is wonderful to listen to a true speaking professional and I am honoured to know you."
Mark LeBlanc, 2007-2008 President, National Speakers Association (USA)


Comments for a 4 day workshop for Ministry of Education, Deputy Directors and District Heads (PPD) entitled "How to Effectively Interview, Appraise & Select the Right Candidates"

Overall, the facilitator - you are really excellent and your explanation is very clear, good examples given. Congratulations and TUVM.
Pn Hjh Sharifah Bee bt Hj Aboo Bakar
(Timbalan Pengarah Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Pulau Pinang)

The workshop is excellent, giving me the knowledge that is very valuable in my nature of work. Thank you Mr. Fernandez, keep it up.
Fatimah Binti Othman
Timbalan Pengarah, (Sektor Dasar dan Standard Keguruan)

Very good course. Thank you to the facilitator
En. Hashim bin Mohd Zin
(Timbalan Pengarah, Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Terengganu)


Mastery of Project Management

Facilitator has vast experience which helps in his presentation and makes training interesting and fulfilling
Belbir Singh
Manager, Marketing, Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad (CCM)

It is good for exposure and sharing knowledge for teams in project management industry
M. Amir Fikri B Basri
Executive, Petronas Carigali Bhd


How to Effectively Conduct & Manage Performance Discussion and Review

The facilitator is very knowledgeable on the course subject
Ms. Geetha Krishnan
HR Manager

Enjoyed the role plays, good tips in applying what we have learned from the course
Ms. Melisa Wong
HR Executive

An excellent course that has created awareness on how to improve oneself and that of subordinates/others. This course is not only for work but also to be practiced in everyday life and very useful in that respect
Mr. Albert Sylvester​

 Effective Leadership in Project Management.

It was an intense 3 days training, challenging and sharpening. I enjoyed and benefited at every module. Thank you for giving us clarity in how to handle our projects Anthony Fernandez. 
Kartini Ariffin
Director of Radio at iM4U fm

(commented in her personal page in LinkedIn)

No. Topic Title Target Audience
1 Entrepreneurism Keynote| Business Success Secrets - Learn How to be the One Out of Ten Entrepreneurs Who Succeed Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Chairman of Boards, Managing Directors, Directors, CEOs & Main Office & Branch Managers and Head of Departments and anyone involved in setting the strategic direction of Commercial and Non-profit organisations.
2 Leadership Training| The Perfect CEO - Ten Full day Training/Coaching Workshop to set Goals and Transform Productivity. Program can be done at the CEO & Managing Director or Head of Departments level.
3 Human Resources/Labor Relations Training| Competency Based Hiring Skills - identify and hiring leaders with aspirations, engagement, expertise and agility. HR Personnel, Head of Departments and those involved in the hiring process
4 Management  Training| Critical Leadership of Projects (Based on ISO 21500/PMI standards) Managers, Project Managers, PMO, Departments.
5 Presentation Skills Training/Keynote| Mastering Presentation Skills for Technical Engineers Heads of Department, Managers, Engineers, Technicians, Sales and Personnel in related functions who require the knowledge and understanding of presentation skills to convince clients or staff about new product developed or services improved and are available from process such as continuous improvement (Kaizen, 6-Sigma) or even from corporate turnaround planning. This course is focused on those who need to learn to how to do public presentations that manage technical data in a manner targeted at the needs of the clients and stakeholders.