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MAPS UPCOMING EVENT: Preparing to Peak in 2018
Brickfield Asia College (BAC), PJ Campus VSQ @PJ City Centre B-2, G-Floor, Jalan Utara Section 14 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46200
Dec 22, 2017

06:30 PM-10:30 PM

The year 2017 is rapidly coming to a close and for Speakers, Trainers, Coaches and Facilitators, it time we prepare for 2018. The Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers has put together an event to help the fraternity prepare for the coming year. This is in conjunction with our AGM and event is free for MAPS members and the public. Please register for your free ticket with Event Bright


Kumar Nagalingam,

COO Skills Academy, Brickfields Asia College

Topic: What it takes to be a 21st Century Trainer

Speaking, Training, Coaching, Facilitation and Learning & Development are occupations with very bright outlook but part of the ‘green field sectors” where technology is bound to infuse and bring about many changes. Kumar Nagalingam challenges our thoughts by asking if as a trainer, we know the importance of staying relevant or are we just giving ‘lip service’ in our classes. Are WE staying relevant in an age where everything is moving faster than we can say DIGITAL. In being relevant, we may need to ‘let go’ of our most cherished age old methodologies and the question is are we ready to do that?

Kumar Nagalingam’s main philosophy that cuts across everything: Everything begins and ends with the individual and this fact can never be compromised, no matter what. Kumar himself a fine example of the change he talks about. He obtained his Law degree from the University of London in 1991 and went on to do his Masters in Law in 1995 at University Malaya. Although he enjoyed lecturing in law which he started in 1991 at numerous private colleges, His true passion is in Human Potential and Development. He learned to capitalise his artist skills by creating images and pictures that have potent messages to facilitate his programs. This somehow seems to have a far greater impact on the participants rather than just looking at a bunch of words on the slides.

Anthony Fernandez,

President of Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS)

Topic: Effective Participant Evaluation System

You get evaluated by your training participant at the end of your training presentation. But do you track and evaluate your participants on your own? Few trainers rarely do, but then they use a subjective method that yields inaccurate results.

You will learn how you can gameify participant evaluation and motivate your group’s learning by showing their performance with accurate classroom leader boards (dashboards) that can track objectively each participant performance while comparing them against others. This could be such a thing such as tardiness (punctuality – like being seated at the start of each session and not be late or missing). What about tracking those who participate, asking, answering or even positively challenging you. What about tracking participants who support and help you and the class as group leaders and presenters for the group. What else do you want to track? Using this method, you can track the participants by the 4 quarters of the training day and by individual participants.

The tracking can be used identify disconnected participants and to timely intervene, whereby reducing the number of bad evaluation by participants at the end of the session. You can also provide this to your customer as part of the evaluation process or even build this as classroom requirement for your certification program.

Teoh Poh Yew

Founder “Creative Maths” (a licensed programme available in Malaysia and Singapore)

Topic: Developing Higher Order Thinking Skills the Fun and Magical Way

Higher order thinking (H.O.T.) skills such as analytical skill, creativity and the ability to make better judgments are crucial in helping individuals or organisations solve problems, handle crisis, create new product, breaking new grounds, etc. To solve any problem in today’s fast-moving global marketplace, organizations need people who aren’t "boxed-in" by rigid modes of thinking. We need people who can make new connections and approach situations with innovative solutions.

Need inspiration to put on your thinking cap and “jump out of the box”?

Search no more as we bring you an opportunity to develop the 21st century H.O.T. skills in you through the most unlikely but captivating method: MAGIC!

Be mesmerized by these creative techniques that astonish people of all ages and discover the simplicity of the secrets behind these techniques.

Introducing the Trainer

Teoh Poh Yew is a dynamic mathematics educator, author, inventor, and international trainer. She founded “Creative Maths”, a licensed programme available in Malaysia and Singapore, to help children develop problem solving skills and higher-order-thinking (H.O.T.) skills. She is also the advisor for ZapZapMath -- a multiple award wining maths app, helping children to develop H.O.T. skill. She has shared her work in 16 countries and also at TEDx platform. Standing on the shoulders of many great gurus she met in these countries, Poh Yew has helped many trainers, teachers, parents and students see new lights with her unique magical approach in training. Her enthusiasm is contagious!